Bald Fade

The term “fade” originated in ethnic shops and has now become the popular term for an aggressively tight taper. Hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible with clippers and “fades” or tapers up into almost any length on top. In some cases this haircut is mistakenly called a “military reg,” which is misleading because each branch of the service has different regulations regarding hair length.


Straight Razor Shave

having is done with the blade at approximately an angle of thirty degrees to the skin and in a direction perpendicular to the edge, an incision requires the movement of the blade to be sideways or in a direction parallel to the edge. These circumstances are always avoided by the shaver, who always shaves in a direction perpendicular to the cutting edge of the blade.



Classic Taper. Commonly referred to as a short business man’s cut or graduation. The hair is left long enough to comb on top and gradually tapers down to 1/8 inch around the ears and the neck. This is a very traditional men’s cut that is appropriate for any lifestyle.


Custom Designs

Tramlines (or channelling). Tramlines are a simple form of channelling (a technique used to create complex lines and shapes in the hair) where lines are created in the hair using an electric trimmer with the edge of the blade against the scalp.


Mirage Barbershop in Toledo, ohio

Our Dedication

We at Mirage barbershop have dedicated our lives to cutting, styling and designing peoples heads for over 20 years. We don't just cut hair at Mirage, we live hair, our professional barbers and stylists are the best in the city of Toledo. We don't just cut your hair, we transform your your entire image.

The purpose of Mirage barbershop is to give the  people of Toledo the friendly small town barbershop atmosphere welcoming all, but placed inside are master barbers ready to transform your head to a masterpiece of art. Nate the master barber and owner of Mirage always greets you upon walking-in, putting you at ease and making you feel welcomed and thanks you on the way out, ensuring your happiness the entire time.

Mirage is one of the only barbershops left in Toledo, that still gives clients straight razor shaves with all the extras, from hot towel soak to the face & head massage. Mirage barbershop can handle anything from your simple haircuts or trims, to the modern day fades and custom designs. We have showcased some of our best work, to not only show off our training and skills, but to also offer you ideas for your next haircut of style.

If you are looking for a new barbershop to call home, but reluctant to leave your current barber because you haven't found the right shop, call Mirage, and give us a chance to give you our world class Mirage barbershop experience. If you truly want to experience a customer centered barbershop, then call Mirage and schedule your appointment now or book online!


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